Partner Flip Your House For Higher Profits

Don’t sell your house to someone whose only way to help is by making a lowball offer. And don’t just list with the first agent who says they can sell your house for over asking. Often times that just leads to disappointment after your house has been sitting on the market and now your agent asks you for a price reduction!

As an investor, real estate broker, and licensed contractor, we can serve you in a variety of ways.  We are one of the only places in Denver that can give you a cash offer, remodel estimate, and do a market analysis for listing your home on the MLS without paying any seller commission all with one phone call.

Whether you are in a hurry to sell, have time, have money, have no money, have a nice house, or your house is falling down, we can help you review all your options and make the best choice for selling your home.

Fix & List Your House With Real Home Solutions

Want to sell your house and make the most profit, even more than it’s currently worth? You can work with us to turn your home into an investment. We’ll use our knowledge, expertise, and resources to increase the value of your home then we’ll sell it and YOU get to keep all the extra profit from the added equity!

If you have a couple of months to get your house sold, and you want to get the most cash, consider partnering with us to flip your house.  We’ll invest our money in your house by paying for the renovations. We’ll manage the renovation, market, and sell your house at the top of the market.  You’ll get to keep all the added equity. Here’s an example:

Say your house is worth $300K “as-is” but could be worth $400K after a $50K renovation. We pay for and complete the $50K renovation, market and sell your house for $400K. You get to keep the $50,000 of equity added by the improvements.  In this example, you’ll make an extra $50,000 in profit at closing from flipping your house with Real Home Solutions.  Pretty cool, hun?!

Sell Your House Fast – One Stop Shop

We sell A LOT of houses.  That’s our business.  We’re flipping several houses in the Denver area at any given time…. so who could be more qualified to sell your house the quickest for the most profit?  No one! In fact, real estate marketing is our specialty!

We don’t just list houses, we launch them.  We spend 100x the amount the average agent does to market your home. When we sell a house it goes all over Facebook, YouTube, Craigslist, Zillow, Trulia,, REcolorado, and the MLS.  We incentivize other realtors to do open houses for our listings and bring buyers from their circles of influence.

We’ll do everything in our power to get your house as much exposure as possible and set the stage for a bidding war. In the first 5 days on market, we’ll get your house more exposure than most realtors can in a month.

We even foot the bill for:

  • Professional Photos
  • Staging Consultation
  • Showing Service
  • Matterport 3D Virtual Tour
  • HDR Aerial Drone Video

  • Targeted Facebook & Instagram Ads
  • Dominate Search Engines With Video
  • Online Syndication to 500+ Websites
  • Targeted Marketing to Top 20,000 Agents
  • Dedicated Property Website

We work. You relax. From offer to closing, our team takes care of it all. We handle all of the paperwork and negotiation. We’ll help you get the most out of the house and make sure everything goes smoothly and easily. Don’t just list with a realtor, list with a professional marketer and rehabber who has a ton of experience selling houses at the top of the market. We’ll go over this option and provide you a cash offer when you call us at (720) 740-6610 or contact us with the form below.

Be sure to ask us about our ZERO Commission Listing option or go to ->

Special Offer – Sell For up to $50k More!

Did you know that you can sell your home for up to $50,000 more than the current value?

After investigating hundreds of home sales in the Denver area, we’ve found that homeowners making very minimal changes in condition and marketability can improve the final selling price of their home by over $50,000!

That’s why we’ve agreed to offer a free 15-minute in-home consultation to show you what YOUR home needs to sell for more money than it’s currently worth.

For an extremely limited time, we’ve agreed to offer our “Profit Maximizer” room by room consultation with a home improvement professional who will give you a detailed list of what to do at absolutely NO cost or obligation.

Get Your Free Profit Maximizer Consultation

This simple approach to getting an additional $50,000 or more from the sale of your property.
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