Platinum Homebuyer Program

Platinum Homebuyers Program

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Why rent when you can own your dream home?

If you have been turned down by the banks, but have a decent down payment, we can buy a home of your choosing from Zillow or on the MLS and sell it to you with financing. The Platinum Homebuyer Program is designed to make the home-buying process easier for aspiring homeowners.

Our lease option approach puts you, the client, first! Learn how we are shattering the barriers to homeownership by eliminating down payment and credit requirements. A “Smart Home Buying Strategy” can help you get into your dream home now with the least amount of stress.

We are committed to helping families into homeownership. Our mission is to educate our clients with personalized financial advice so they can own their home and build wealth for themselves and their families.


  • Desire to become a homeowner
  • Must have 10% down
  • Have steady income
  • All credit considered

Real Home Solutions offers those individuals an opportunity to achieve the American Dream of homeownership through our unique, individually tailored Lease with option to purchase programs. Our Platinum Homebuyer Program™ paves the way for deserving people to become homeowners without the stressful challenges of working with banks.

We’ll Buy It For You Today, So You Can Own It Tomorrow!

Sell your house fast for cash

Do you want a good place to raise your children, a safe place to live, more space for your family, and control over your living space? Of course you do!

You will start by sitting with our approval team and look at how much of a home you can afford, as well as what kind of house you are looking for. Once you have that figured out, you get to go house shopping! You will be working with a real estate agent and you get to enjoy the process of shopping for your future home.

You choose a home that you like, and Real Home Solutions handles the negotiation process and then we, or one of our funding partners, actually purchases the home for you! This allows you to move into your ‘dream home’ and live in it while giving you the time you need to get qualified to purchase the home.

All of this will be done upfront. Then, at the end of the term, you will have enough money accumulated to make the down payment, and your credit will be acceptable to a lender, and at that time, Real Home Solutions sells you the home! It’s now 100% YOURS! You own the home.

Build Equity By Making Rent Money Work For You

When you buy with our lease with option to purchase program, you only pay the first month’s lease payment and as little as a 5% down payment. We don’t require last month’s rent or security deposits, which means these funds can be allocated towards your investment!

The Platinum Homebuyer Program is designed so that your credit and funds at the end of the term qualify you to purchase the home. Your option fee, which is your vested interest in the home, will be 100% credited to you when you buy. Our goal is to create the most simple, straightforward, and trustworthy path to homeownership.

Since the sales price is locked in before closing, any increase in property value will be to your benefit. Your agreement also allows for an “assignment” which means you also have the option to sell to a third party for a profit, even before you have transferred the title into your name. You are spending very little money to control a potentially very expensive, and very profitable piece of real estate.

Key Benefits:

  • Live where you want in a house you love. No more living in a cramped apartment with noisy neighbors or in a house paying off someone else’s mortgage.
  • The option fee is fully credited to the purchase of the house. The fee you pay for the option to purchase is put towards the purchase of the property if you exercise your right to buy.
  • Keep any added appreciation. Since the sales price is locked in before closing, any increase in property value will be to your benefit.

Real Home Solutions Homebuyer Team

Deciding to purchase a new home is a big decision, and we realize that sometimes you just need a helping hand to get going. That’s why we want to make joining the FREE Homeownership program an easy decision. Our team gets to know you and your specific needs and plans as a homeowner—and stay with you every step of the way.

The team at Real Home Solutions are experts at selling homes, Lease with the option to purchase, or with Owner Financing. These are simple agreements where our buyers make monthly payments towards the purchase of their home, for a predetermined period, and at a predetermined price. A down payment is required for the Platinum Homebuyer Program and is fully credited off of the purchase price at the time of financing.

We’ve developed key relationships with companies that work specifically with our Leasing to Buy system. Our team will help with establishing active trade lines, credit improvement, finance assistance, mortgage lending, home warranty, title work, etc. What distinguishes us from others is our ability and flexibility to custom-make the terms and conditions to fit each buyer’s financial criteria and wherewithal. We have tremendous experience putting together creative terms to ensure your success.

Even those with significant credit challenges can become credit qualified and mortgage ready within 12 to 36 months. If you have a reasonable down payment, regardless of your credit history, we can work with you to get you into a home of your own. The best part? It’s a free service, just one of the ways Real Home Solutions remains committed to the long-term value of the communities it builds. Take the first step and tell us a bit about your situation and let us know what you are looking for.

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