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Sell Your House In 14 Days For The Highest Price & Pay ZERO In Commission!

Highest Bidder Sales are fast becoming the preferred method of selling all types of real estate. Sellers do this because they know that they can get the properties sold faster and more profitably than traditional methods. They prefer a date-certain sale, instead of a lengthy listing process filled with market uncertainties.

This type of sale creates a true win-win situation for everyone involved! It helps the sellers because they are looking for a non-traditional alternative to the old – slow – way of selling real estate. It helps Buyers to buy a home without going through all the typical hassles associated with buying.

Much of the due diligence for a Highest Bidder Sale is completed in advance and readily available for review. Terms of sale are simple and straightforward. Contingencies and prolonged negotiations are eliminated. And most importantly, allow a buyer to control his level of participation and “Name The Price” they are willing to pay for the property.

Highest Bidder Sale offers a turn-key solution for selling any kind of real estate without paying a real estate commission. We provide all the proven marketing tools, systems, and paperwork to help you sell fast for top dollar!

When you absolutely need to sell for the price you want and in the shortest timeframe possible!

Real Home Solutions Highest Bidder Sale is a hybrid between a live real estate auction and a traditional real estate transaction. Our “Online Offers” process works better than any other method to buy and sell a home in ANY market condition. The Real Home Solutions method of marketing and selling a home offers buyers and sellers more options, control and transparency when buying or selling real estate.

No more multiple offers with sellers seeking “highest and best offers” leaving buyers not knowing what to offer or worst yet, over-paying for the home. Buyers see EXACTLY what is being offered and can decide what they are willing to pay for a home.

We are NOT like traditional Real Estate Auctions, where buyers have to go in to escrow without being able to preview the home, inspect the premises, have no contingencies and a non-refundable deposit. Real Home Solutions keeps the process simple and transparent.

At the end of the offer submission process, the buyer will proceed with a standard CO Residential Purchase Agreement submitted by a Licensed Colorado Realtor, with all buyer’s contingencies and inspection time frames.

With an auction, selling your house isn’t tied to appraisals plus Real Home Solutions has strict requirements for bidders, which weeds out less serious buyers before they are allowed to bid.

The whole process is transparent and convenient, which is why sellers and buyers love the process.

In addition, we work with many “property wholesalers” to market and liquidate their properties. They offer exceptional opportunities to buy and profit from buying a home.

The pros include:

  • Sellers reserve the right to accept, negotiate, or reject the highest bid. (No risk involved)
  • You enjoy a simple sales process that requires no negotiating on your end.
  • The buyer pays all the real estate commissions!
  • Reduced stress, less work, and fewer showing hassle.
  • No long term listing contracts!
  • No upfront fees required from the seller.
  • The auction deadline creates buyer urgency.
  • The typical timeline is 14-days or less which eliminates carrying costs faster.
  • You set the terms and day of your auction so that you can plan your life accordingly.
  • The competitive bidding process helps you receive the true market value for your house.
  • Experienced professionals handle all the marketing, promotion, paperwork, and the auction event.
  • We work with all parties to ensure a smooth, seamless closing.

We utilize cutting edge Real Estate technology with full Broker representation. Our professional marketing specialists offer you the most advanced and efficient method of selling Real Estate. Highest Bidder Sales works in any market conditions and brings multiple offers on a property within 14 days or less in most cases.

Sellers will be able to watch the entire process on their computer, from the comfort of their home or office. Sellers have total control and there is no risk involved because the Seller reserves the right to accept or reject the highest bid. The online offers option reduces the number of showings since the property will be shown at the open house dates only, (unless agreed otherwise). Prospective Buyers are approved through the online system.

Unlike Real Estate Auctions, where Buyers have to go in to escrow with no contingencies and non-refundable deposit, our process is simply better. At the end of the bidding process, the Buyer may proceed with a standard Purchase Agreement, with all Buyer’s contingencies and inspection time frames.

It’s that simple. In fact, the sellers who use our method often say “why didn’t someone think of this sooner?” (of course, that’s after their house sells for thousands more than they would have received selling the old way) And now you can get full price – or more – for your house in 14 days, too.

How We Sell Homes In 14 Days Or Less For The Highest Price…

My name is James Brown with EXP Realty. 

I found 3 things that I felt needed to be fixed to improve real estate transactions.

First, why does the seller ALWAYS pay a commission to the Buyer’s Agent?

The buyer agent’s LEGAL responsibility is to negotiate the BEST terms and price FROM THE SELLER! 

Think about that for a moment….

The seller is paying someone to negotiate AGAINST their best interests!  The buyer agent’s job is to TAKE money from the seller’s pocket, yet the seller PAYS THEM!

Why would any seller EVER consider doing that?

“Well that’s the way it’s always been done” just can’t be the answer.

This NEVER made sense to me.

Pricing Is Key

The minute a listing price has been established on a home and placed in the MLS, the value has been set.  PERIOD! The seller may get a little bit more or a little bit less for the home, but that’s it!

So, why should a seller be forced to establish a ceiling on how much a buyer CAN or WILL pay them?  That’s CRAZY, right?

If you’re a seller, here’s a CRITICAL point you should understand….the Buyer is the ONLY person who establishes home values….NOT the agents, NOT the appraiser, and NOT the homeowner. Only the person who is willing to write a check can set the value of a property! 

Hiring The Wrong Agent Can Cost You Thousands

So, how does hiring an agent affect the price a seller receives?  It’s SIMPLE, an agents REAL job is to get as many potential buyers as possible to see your home. We get buyers to fall in love with your home, make sure they have approved financing to close on the home and reduce the overall stress of selling a home.

Business savvy Agents spend 24/7/365 days a year and tens of thousands of dollars (sometimes in excess of $100,000 per year) on marketing with the sole purpose of finding buyers for their listings!

Hiring the “wrong” agent could cost you thousands of dollars. Every week I see listing agents making costly mistakes that their seller will never know about. I knew I had to create a way for sellers to know that absolutely NO money was left on the table.

Comprehensive Marketing & Unmatched Exposure For Your Property

Our AGGRESSIVE marketing system driving potential buyers to the home is paramount to putting the most amount of money in your pocket. Extensive signage, press release, premium publisher partners, direct mail, print, online advertising, social media, email marketing, telemarketing, multiple listing services (MLS) and other channels are all used to promote the property and notify potential buyers of the upcoming auction.

We’ll implement these methods simultaneously and repeatedly during the brief promotional window to saturate the market. Each will also include a clear call to action to generate interest and motivate bidders to attend the auction.

During this step, we’ll also stage presale inspections to enable prospective buyers to gather information about your property. We’ll also encourage pre-auction offers and advance online bids to increase the likelihood of a successful event. We’ll provide you with detailed weekly updates as this step unfolds.

Open and Transparent Transaction

That brings me to the third and last issue I wanted to correct….We needed an OPEN and TRANSPARENT real estate transaction and process.

A process where the seller could list their home without setting a ceiling on the price they want. A process that transparently shows the buyer exactly what they need to offer to make this their future home. No more “highest and best” offers potentially leaving money on the table.

We establish a hard deadline to make an offer, psychologically creating a sense of URGANCY on the buyer’s end. Think of it like an online “auction” where the buyers can compete by continuing to raise their offers in real time!

That pressure gets buyers to start making “emotional” decisions, NOT logical ones. How could they miss out on the home of their dreams for just an extra $500?

Don’t believe it? Go down to the County Courthouse and watch bank foreclosure auctions take place! You’ll see EVERY bidder pays more than they initially planned to! That’s why banks and government entities sell their homes in that manner!

They simply NET MORE money!

Remember, when buyers compete the seller ALWAYS wins!

But the buyer also wins by getting the home they wanted!  If a buyer REALLY wants a specific home, they have the ability to pay whatever is necessary to get it.

Both parties get what they want….the seller gets the highest possible price in 14 days and the buyer gets the home of their dreams!  A WIN-WIN for both parties!

The MOST IMPORTANT thing an agent should be able to offer you as a seller is a platform that allows the buyer to pay as MUCH as they WANT for your home AND make sure you receive the HIGHEST sales price possible.

Until NOW, there was NO platform like that for everyday home sellers to maximize the equity in their home!

So, we went out and created our own system to accomplish all of this for home sellers.

Our team of 672 agents across 36 states utilizes the Online Offers platform we created to NET home sellers the HIGHEST price possible, in only 14 days. NETTING them more money because they are NOT paying a Buyer’s Agent!

There’s ABSOLUTELY ZERO cost or obligation to you the home owner… Because, if we can’t net you the most money with the least amount of hasssle then you don’t owe us a thing! So, go ahead and click here to schedule a time to get your home listed and SOLD today!

Still Want A Cash Offer?

One more thing… maybe you’ve thought about getting some of the low-ball cash offers you’ve been seeing on TV because you want to sell FAST and eliminate the hassles!

Don’t even think about it! We can get your home under contract in just 14 days WITHOUT any hassles.  Heck, we’re not even putting a lockbox on the home! 

But, if you REALLY want to explore your cash offer options, we work with over 50 hedge funds and institutional investors, so let us help you look at that option. About 25% of our investors will pay market value for your home and turn it into a rental property!

So, if you’re ready to get your home sold NOW, give me a call at 303-979-4738 or get on my calendar by clicking here.

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