Where We Find “Rent To Own” Homes

First of all… let me tell you where we buy the properties we offer for sale.

Our local rent to own homes are move-in ready, in good neighborhoods, and often freshly updated. Inquire with us on this site for available properties.

We get lots of calls, every day, from people who have homes they want to sell. If we think these homes will fit the needs of buyers like you, we will purchase these properties and then offer them to our “Registered Buyers.”

We buy from sellers who, maybe can’t get their houses sold or maybe they just want to sell quickly… there are as many reasons as there are sellers. It doesn’t matter to us as long as the deal we make solves the Seller’s problem, is profitable for us and is right for one of our “Registered Buyers.”

We aren’t in the business of taking advantage of distressed Buyers or Sellers. We believe that we make the most money by helping people… and we sleep better at night because of it.

By the way, if you are interested in selling a home, please click here. We will make you an offer on your home within 24 business hours… then you can take your time and decide if that offer is right for you.

So… since we are able to do this, we end up with a lot of properties and we are constantly looking for good people to sell them to. Fortunately for us, because of this web site, we have a ton of people who want to buy our houses. In a minute I’m going to explain how we will structure the home purchase deal with you, but first I want to tell you the second way we can help you find a home.

You Find It And We’ll Finance It

If what we are offering does not fill your needs or if you feel there is just too much competition between our buyers for the homes we do have, (since we have so many people in our program). If you feel you would like to buy a house that we do not have for sale, we can still help. Here is what you do…

Once you are registered with us, you can also look at every home listed “For Sale By Owner” or “For Rent” that is in the paper or has a sign in the front yard. If you look at these properties and find 3 to 5 that you like, we can usually get on the phone and put together a deal with the seller of at least one of them that will make sense for you. Just let us know which properties you like.

We will negotiate with the seller so that we can structure the purchase in a way that will work for your situation. These turn out to be win-win-win situations for the Seller, for us, the middleman Buyer and for you, the end Buyer.

Okay… now you know how you are going to find your new home… either through the list that we send out every week or by tracking down a “For Sale By Owner” or a “For Rent” property. Now I’m going to move on to…

How Our “Rent to Own” Program Works >>>

Want to know when the best properties hit the market?

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