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Toby Hanson,
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Have questions? Great. We’re glad you do!
Here are a few answers to common ones:

Who Are We?

Real Home Solutions is a local Denver company that solves people’s real estate challenges – from pending foreclosure to problem properties — using creative approaches and advanced financing, We want to make a difference in the lives of people in which we come in contact with. Our vision is to treat each and every person with fairness, honesty, trust and most of all integrity.

What are the benefits of selling by lease option?

Price, Convenience, & Security. Since we do not charge a fee or commission, we pay down your mortgage, and we cover the expenses associated to the property; you end up getting more value for your house, even if it is currently in a negative equity situation. We only deal with high quality tenant-buyers who are seeking to buy, not just rent a house. You are also relieved of having to pay double mortgage payments in the event that you have to move before you are able to get a buyer for your house.

How Does The Process Work?

It is our goal to ensure the process of selling your house through a lease option is a smooth and easy one for you. We strive to achieve a win-win-win situation.

You, the seller of the house, win by receiving the assurance of knowing that while your house is being sold, all expenses are taken care of, the house is maintained, and you are receiving the benefits associated with being a landlord with none of the management responsibilities.

Our tenant-buyer wins by getting to own a home in a shorter amount of time than it would take them if they were trying to buy conventionally, as well as being able to immediately occupy their new home.

We win by profiting from the sale of the house, as well as gaining two more satisfied customers. We use our expertise in real estate transaction to assist homebuyers and sellers in making the sale or purchase of their home an easy, stress-free one.

How do I get my payment each month?

We can set it up however you like. Some of our homeowners like for us to electronically send the payment each month straight to their bank account. Others prefer us to set up an escrow account where we mail the rent to the escrow account and the account pays the mortgage. (You can call the escrow account anytime and request a statement of activity so you can see when the rent was paid and when the mortgage was paid.) We normally set it up to automatically pay your lender each month and send you the difference. That way you won’t have to worry about a thing.

How long does the lease option take?

Typically, a lease option takes from one to three years, depending on the tenant-buyer. Of course the longer the program, the more your mortgage gets paid down resulting in more equity for you.

Are There Any Fees To Work With Us?

Nope. You’ll pay ZERO real estate commissions or closing costs. We are paid by the tenant-buyer.

What If The House Is In Really Bad Shape? Will You Still Buy It?

We buy houses in any condition or shape. You’d be amazed at some of the houses we’ve bought before. Why do we buy even rundown houses? Simple, most ugly houses just need a little TLC, and then they’re pretty houses that someone would love to live in once again. We pay for all renovations and repairs after we buy the house — so you don’t have to worry about any of that.