Offer 1) Delayed Cash Sale

If you’re looking to maximize the profit on the sale of your home our Platinum Lease Purchase can net you up to 15% more than a straight sale. You attract buyers who are willing to pay a premium because of the exclusive financing terms and value that you’re offering through a lease-purchase. If you want a full price offer plus the option of additional cash flow then our short-term lease purchase program may be just what you’re looking for. You’ll have the peace of mind knowing your house is sold and the mortgage is being paid down each month – with no landlord headaches!

With our Platinum Lease Purchase we’re the tenant-buyer but sub-lease the house to one of our pre-screened tenant-buyers. They’re high-quality people with good income and just need a little time to qualify for a mortgage. We manage the property, pay the rent every month even if the house is vacant, and we are responsible for all the maintenance and repairs. Our approval team team helps the tenant-buyer get mortgage ready, then at a predetermined date they buy the property and it becomes a traditional sale. Our goal is to give the buyer terms and help them get you cashed out as soon as possible. This option is a great fit if you want full price for your home and don’t need the proceeds right away to go buy another house.

It’s not easy to sell your house. A lot of work goes into it: finding the right Realtor, staging, open houses, multiple showings, offers & counter-offers, nitpicky buyers, a long list of repairs (both before inspections and more after the inspections), an unstable real estate market, not to mention the time and cost that goes into the sale of a house.

The average listing commission today is 6%, and every buyer expects you’ll pay closing costs. Since you’re the one selling, if you want to consummate the sale, you will likely have to concede to paying a portion of the buyer’s closing costs. And that’s typically an additional 3%. So pair that with price reductions (3-5%), selling fees (1-3%), commissions (3-6%), and paying the buyer’s closing costs, you’re losing out on quite a bit of money. All those fees add up to 10-14%. So if you’re selling a $500k house you are looking at spending $50,000 to $70,000 to sell the traditional route!

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Blue Ocean Buyer Pool

Thanks to the “mortgage meltdown” and subsequent government regulations, getting a mortgage can be tough. Statistically, 80% of Americans cannot walk into a bank today and qualify for a loan, and most people can’t just put down 20% in cash for a down payment.

We work with sellers who will sell using a lease-purchase or owner financing so we can offer terms to our buyers. That 80% of people looking to buy a house that doesn’t currently qualify become our prime pool of buyers because we can sell them a house on terms giving them time to fix what’s broken and ultimately get bank financing.

That could be credit, debt ratio, not enough down, self-employed, can’t prove income yet or several other issues. All of which can be fixed with time. A house becomes ten times easier to sell with terms than with cash, therefore we have the whole 80% to ourselves, while the Realtors® and builders fight over 20%.

Some of that larger buyers pool have substantial down payments or option fees measuring in the thousands. This shows that they are serious about getting a home of their own and will take great care of the property and do what it takes to fix their credit situation within the term of the lease-purchase. These buyers are less price conscious and are typically willing to pay full asking price.

Even well-qualified buyers are turned down for financing all the time, and seemingly iron-clad offers fall through last minute, over-and-over due to funding issues more than any other reason. Seasoning requirements are often measured in years, not months. To sum it up, selling a house in today’s market can quite challenging.

At Real Home Solutions, we’ve developed a sales plan that can sell your house fast and for more money. Typically we can get full retail value or close-to-full retail value but at a fraction of the cost (and time) of selling traditionally. This is made possible by selling your home through our “Platinum Lease Purchase” program!

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Make More While Doing Good

WIN-WIN SOLUTION  There are few true win-wins in life, but this is one of them. Our Platinum Lease-Purchase program truly offers a solution that benefits the buyer AND the seller when transferring real estate ownership.

AN ABUNDANCE OF BUYERS You’re marketing your home to traditional buyers, renters, and investors. These three groups make up over 95% of people who buy real estate. In our local market, there are never more than a handful of rent to own properties for the hundreds of quality tenants that are looking. Contrast that with the thousands of active listings on the MLS that compete for a few hundred buyers each month, and this low supply, high demand dynamic is optimal for selling with a Lease-Purchase.

PREMIUM TENANTS Since our tenants-buyers are required to pay an option fee, those who cannot afford to purchase your property will generally not proceed past this step. Those who have the cash will want to protect their investment by making their payments and taking care of their new home. We call this having “skin in the game”.

MORE SECURITY The lease-purchase model is safer than conventional rentals because of the quality of the tenants and their vested interest in your home. Tenants who have a vested interest are more likely to pay on time, perform routine maintenance, and make improvements to your home. It also means someone is living onsite who will watch and guard your home against fire, theft, vandalism, or other dangers. The non-refundable option fee protects against the common pitfalls of land-lording; midnight calls, expensive repairs, and vacancy risk.

NO MAINTENANCE With a lease purchase, the general day-to-day maintenance, and upkeep of the property is the responsibility of the tenant-buyer. So, sit back and enjoy the positive cash flow without the inconvenience of being a landlord.

NO PROPERTY MANAGEMENT If you are currently managing your property, you’re getting back the hours of management, answering calls at all hours, coordinating repairs and collecting rent. If you use a manager, you can now forget about that expense. The cash-flow picture keeps getting better!

2) Quick Close Cash Offer

We also buy houses using all cash and can close quickly. We pay more than other investors and iBuyers like Zillow, Redfin, Open Door, and Offer Pad. Your property can be sold as-is with NO repairs needed! Move out on your schedule. This option is best if you want to sell fast but don’t want to give your house away to companies making lowball offers.

Thank you for taking the time to explore our programs. We hope you see the benefits of PRICE, CONVENIENCE, and SECURITY that we have worked to create in our program. We look forward to working with you soon and making the sale of your home a stress-free and easy one. Give us a call or fill out the form below. We’ll contact you to explain in detail all of your selling options, how the process works, and how it will work for your particular needs.

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