Loan Officers!

Did you know that although your clients may have not qualified for a traditional mortgage, they still have other alternatives to reach their goal of homeownership? That’s where we come in – Real Home Solutions provides a proven program accommodating clients that, are self-employed, are new to the country, or are experiencing temporary credit issues.

Rather than referring them to a credit repair company and hoping they do what’s needed and come back to you, refer them to us. We help get them in a home right now by purchasing the home of their choice and allowing them to buy it using a lease-option. This way they are more motivated to do what is necessary to get mortgage ready during the lease period and they will have you to thank.

Fill up your future pipeline and be a hero with Real Home Solutions’ Platinum Homebuyer program! It’s a Win-Win-Win! We care about your client relationships. Don’t risk losing a client, your commission, or future referrals! Our success is ultimately driven by the success of the clients. Therefore, we are there alongside them throughout the entire process to ensure they achieve their goal of homeownership. You get to know you are making a huge difference in someone’s life from a simple recommendation.

Watch this short video for more details! Then just put your client’s contact info below as well as yours so we can all work together to get them in a home right now versus having to wait!

Real Estate Agents & Mortgage Loan Officers - Differentiate, help more people and earn more money!

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