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Full Price for your house – No low-ball offers

1) Guaranteed Cash Sale

We will buy your house NOW in ANY condition and will pay more than any other investor, GUARANTEED. You choose the closing date. We pay all costs!

2) Also ask about our “Partner Flip” Program

We Fix & Flip Your House. You Keep The Extra Profits. 

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Get A Cash Offer On Your Home That You Can Trust!

If you need a guaranteed cash sale & want to close In as little as 7-days we can help!

We buy houses fast for cash in any condition. We offer cash advances, creative solutions, and flexibility based on YOUR needs.

Welcome to Real Home Solutions Website!
  • ​We’re local
  • We won’t low-ball you
  • Get up to $20,000 cash before we close
  • ​We will explain every detail of our offer
  • ​We treat each family that we work with like our partner
  • ​We can close whenever you want
  • ​We specialize in solving problems for families

People Over Profits

We believe that nobody wins unless everybody wins. When it comes to selling your house fast, we strive to offer the best solutions. We have options no other single company or investor has. We can pay more than the other guys because it’s our intention to help you, not take advantage of you. Our motto is “Give First.”

We’ll advise you on all of your options and you choose the one that works best for you. It saddens us that a lot of investors and investment companies, who should be focused on working together with families to solve their problems, are more interested in exploiting their pain, frustration, or hardship. We are not those kinds of people.

Simple 3 Step Process

By eliminating the middle person (agents, banks, inspectors, etc.) and by simply paying cash we can significantly un-complicate things. We can truly make buying your house easy as 1, 2, 3. Everything 100% free without obligation to accept. Remember, NO “low-ball” offers. You have nothing to lose!

Step 1

Contact Us

Fill out the quick form or call to get your free personalized offer showing exactly how much your home is worth today.

Step 2

Review Your Options

We will take the time to understand your goals, answer your questions, and provide you with next steps to sell.

Step 3

Choose Your Solution

After choosing the best plan for your situation, your plan will be put in motion and you’ll be on your way to selling quickly!

We Offer A Better Solution! No Realtor Fees, No Repairs, No Closing Costs.

“I need to sell my house in Colorado fast but I do not want to pay agent fees or wait months hoping the house will sell. I just want to sell my house in Colorado and walk away with cash in hand!”

~Don’t Worry We’ve Got You Covered!

We make it super easy to sell your house in Colorado fast.

Selling your Colorado house fast for cash has never been easier. We eliminate the hassles, uncertainties, and costs of selling with an agent or on your own. We’ll make you a GREAT offer very quickly and can buy your home in as little as 7 days, or on the date of your choice. It’s really very simple & easy.

When you sell your house or condo to us and you won’t have to pay agent fees or expensive closing costs. You don’t even need to clean! That’s right, no cleaning, no repairs, no agents, no commissions, no realtor fees, no long waiting periods, no hassle!

Why not request an offer from us before you commit to a 6-month contract with an agent? We’re committed, fast, and promise not to waste your time with “lowball” offers! Everything is 100% FREE without any obligation to accept. You have nothing to lose! We will take care of everything and guide you through the process!

“Selling to Real Home Solutions will net you more from the sale of your house than any other company!” Sarah M. Denver, CO

This isn’t just a transaction to us. It’s a relationship.

My name is Toby Hanson. In the picture below is my business partner James Brown, like the singer (he just doesn’t sing or dance as well as the “Godfather of Soul”). We have a passion for real estate, living our dream-life, working our dream job and we’ve probably watched one too many episodes of HGTV. We buy houses and love fixing them up to improve the neighborhood and of course make a profit for all that hard work. By working together with you, we all win!

Back in 2008, I found myself in a great amount of financial uncertainty. I was a loan officer. I had just bought a new house. And with everything that was happening with the financial crisis, I was also affected. Like many American families, I faced foreclosure. I didn’t have a job. I worked on commission. And nobody was getting loans because of the mortgage meltdown.

So I needed to reinvent myself. What I learned during this time was how to help people like myself to escape financial hardships through creative real estate solutions. We never intended to be doing what our company does now, but people kept asking for our help. We’re grateful and honored to be able to help the families we do.  At the core of our values is a commitment to help renew our neighborhoods and to provide affordable housing for future generations.

Toby Hanson —————————————- James Brown

Your Real Estate Problem Solvers! We’re Toby & James and together with our team, we’ll do our best to make you an offer you’re happy with! Simply fill in the form at the top of the page to get started. Our offer is 100% FREE & there’s no obligation to accept it 🙂

Already Got An Offer? Let Us Try To Beat It!

We really give the highest offers around, but we can’t buy every house we come across. We also work with over 50 hedge funds and institutional investors. About 25% of these investors will pay market value for your home and turn it into a rental property! We are confident we can beat any offer, or at least we’ll try!

Don’t sell or list your property until you learn about the MANY ways we can help you!

Get Multiple Offers

Every situation is different and there isn’t only one way to sell. I-Buyers and other companies only give you a cash offer. We not only offer more than Open Door, Offer Pad, Zillow, and others, but we give you multiple selling options based on your individual situation. Give us a call, we’ll help you decide if selling your house for cash a good idea. Of course, as a cash buyer, we want to buy your property, but selling for cash is not always the best choice. 

We want YOU to make the decision that works best for you! Our focus is to give homeowners what they want from the sale of their home, whether that’s the most cash out, a fast sale, an easy stress-free process, or all of the above! Call us now to find out how we can help you!

We Fix & Flip Your House – You Pocket More

Sometimes we pay cash and other times we partner with homeowners to Fix & Flip their houses and sell for the highest profit. Most people hire a traditional real estate agent and just settle for the price the market will give them “as-is”…. And most people leave tens of thousands of dollars on the table!

We’ll renovate your house, pay for everything, and sell your house at the top of the market. And you won’t pay us any commission! Our clients have made as much as $50,000 extra in profit by flipping their house with Real Home Solutions. Why not see how much extra you can get? We’ll analyze your house and see what improvements can be made to help maximize your profit.

We want YOU to make the decision that works best for you! We’ll go over this option and provide you a cash offer when you call us at (720) 336-3123 or contact us with the form below.

Sell In 14 Days For OVER Asking Price & Pay ZERO In Commission

Real Home Solutions offers a turn-key solution for selling on the MLS without paying any listing agent commission. We developed a way to identify the best buyers for your home within days (not months), while it is new and fresh on the market, the time when buyers pay more.

We then create an auction-like environment where buyers bid against each other and drive up your price. We are proud that a high percentage of our homes sell for thousands over the seller’s asking price. We drive all of the advertising, marketing, and exposure for your home, control when your home is shown (no lockbox), negotiate on your behalf, and handle the entire transaction.

The sellers who use our method often say “why didn’t someone think of this sooner?” (of course, that’s after their house sells for thousands more than they would have received selling the old way) And now you can get full price – or more – for your house in 14 days, too.

There’s ABSOLUTELY ZERO cost or obligation to you the homeowner… Because, if we can’t net you the most money with the least amount of hassle then you don’t owe us a thing! So, go ahead and call us at (720) 740-6610 to get your home listed and SOLD today!


There are a lot of “investors” who make offers and claim to be Cash Buyers. But in reality, these people are middlemen, trying to tie up properties, with no intention of buying them, then trying to collect a fee by assigning those properties to TRUE cash Buyers. These “middleman fees” are unnecessary and eat into your profits. Don’t fall for this, we are True Cash Buyers!

We Pay More By Eliminating The Middle Man

On top of being real estate investors, we are a licensed contractor and real estate broker. With our own crews and no fees to pay to outside brokerages or contractors, we can pay you more. As cash buyers, we can also offer creative solutions to help you get the most money for your house with your situation.

We’ve cut all the middlemen out of the “fast cash offer” industry.  Other “We buy houses” companies are often what is called a wholesaler.  Wholesalers will try to get your house under contract with a low ball offer, then resell the house or contract to an investor. The investor will then hire a contractor who will build their profits into the fix-up cost. 

After paying the wholesaler’s profit, and the contractor’s profit, most investors will even hire a real estate agent and pay another 6% in real estate commissions. All these costs drive the offer to you, the seller, way down.

Free Moving Truck

Moving doesn’t have to break the bank. Our clients enjoy the free use of a 20 foot moving truck for moves in the Denver area, subject to availability. We’ll even send our guys out to help you move! Who else does that?

Not only do we guarantee a cash offer to buy your house, but we also want to assist you in your move to your next home. Moving can be stressful and Real Home Solutions wants to make it as easy as possible for your family. When we buy your house we’ll also give you a reasonable amount of time from closing to move your belongings.

Seller Leaseback Program

Many homeowners have realized that it would be easier to purchase their next home if their current home was already sold. Now you can do just that. With our seller leaseback program, Real Home Solutions buys your house and leases it back to you until you are ready to move.

Get the money you need now, while staying in your home. Lease your home for as long as you’d like, with the option to buy back the house or move at any point. If you decide to move, you will receive any additional value including appreciation.

We Even Have A “Take Over My Mortgage” Program

We can help homeowners facing foreclosure keep the foreclosure off your credit by simply taking over payments through our Mortgage Take Over Program, you are provided with an immediate solution to your mortgage problem, without having a foreclosure added to your credit.

Many times we can also put money in your pocket at closing. Whatever you’re looking to do, our programs work with your timeline and your goals.

Full Transparency

As part of our ethics policy, home sellers can request a breakdown explaining how we arrived at our offer. We will go over every line item on the agreement and any other paperwork before you sign it. We’re happy to discuss our plans for the property after we buy it. Finally, we promise to extend honest and helpful advice, whether we end up buying your house or not.

We Love Denver Colorado!

  • We truly love living in Denver and embrace the culture and community. (Go Broncos, Nuggets, Rockies, and Avalanche!)
  • We love the weather, scenery, and ample outdoor activities.
  • Since we live here in Denver, we know the real estate market well and can meet you in person to look at your property.

The Bottom-line:

Serving all of Colorado, we help sellers by submitting reliable cash offers and creative solutions that reduce stress and put them in a position to move on to the next chapter of their lives. By providing the highest quality of work with our renovations, we help buyers find their dream home and bring peace of mind when purchasing one of our properties.

We keep our promises. One thing many of our competitors can’t say is that when we make a firm cash offer for your house, we don’t lower it or charge you surprise fees—not all cash buyers keep their promises. Sometimes you only find out they’re lowering their offer or hitting you with extra fees at closing, when it’s probably too late to do anything about it, and you’re stuck. How is that fair to you?

We’re known for our fair offers. We understand that no one will accept an offer that won’t work for them. This is why we try to present the highest possible offer. The way we do this is by doing our due diligence, and by keeping our renovation costs as low as possible. The reason we are able to move so quickly on the purchase of your house is that we use our own funds to buy the property, which means the sale is more secure and we can close faster.

It’s in our best interest to give you our highest possible offer.  Lots of “We Buy Houses” companies try to give homeowners the lowest possible offer. This doesn’t make any sense to us. We spend lots of time analyzing every aspect of a property, so we can pay you cash and close in as little as 7 days. These research services are 100% free to the families we help! We know that nobody will accept a low-ball offer. And if we did that we would have spent all our time, effort, and energy for nothing. 

So, we stay in business by giving offers that you’ll be happy with! Call to find out more about our unique and alternative ways to sell your house fast for the most money.

Let’s get started with a no-obligation and no-pressure consultation. We may be able to buy your home directly from you right over the phone, or in most cases, we will schedule a time with you to view the property and make you an offer so you can get on with your life!

Call 720-336-3123

Real Home Solutions $1,000 Referral Program

Help your friends sell their house fast and fatten your wallet while you’re at it. Refer a friend to Real Home Solutions and collect $1,000 CASH!

Do you know any family or friends that need to sell a house?

Is there an ugly house in your neighborhood you would like us to buy and renovate?

We buy houses in any situation. Divorce, foreclosure, inherited property, rental property, or investment house you want to sell. Tell us about a house that someone wants to sell and we will pay you $1,000 for your troubles. It’s that simple!

1) Fill out the form

Give us a call at (720) 740-6610, email, or fill out our form on this page. Expect a call from us in as little as an hour.

2) We’ll contact your referral

We will schedule a visit to inspect the condition of the property and present the owner with a cash offer for the house. Remember: our offer is not obligating and our services don’t cost a penny!

3) We will reward you with $1,000

When the seller accepts our offer we will write in the contract that you should be paid at closing for the referral. The amount will be held in an escrow account with a title company to insure you are getting paid at closing.

When the property closes, a portion of the sale goes directly to you! You do not need to attend closing if you do not want to. The title company can issue you a check at closing, wire the money to your bank account, or send a check to you in the mail.


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