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Colorado Rent To Own Homes

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Why Rent? When You Can Own!

With rent to owns, you can lock in the sales price and terms upfront, allowing you to purchase the house at a below-market price in a few years.

We specialize in helping Colorado residents earn the satisfaction of being a homeowner through our Colorado Rent To Own Homes Program.

  • Are you fed up with throwing away your hard-earned money every month on rent?
  • Do you want to put your family in a beautiful place they can call home?
  • What’s stopping you? Credit? Past issues? Down payment?

With a rent-to-own property, you don’t have to face the immediate scrutiny that lenders will put you through, even if you have what they think are problems.

The Short-cut To Your Family’s New Home

Move into your beautiful new home NOW. Follow the plan, and in 1 to 3 years you’ll get a mortgage and OWN it! Don’t spend the next few years renting a place that doesn’t feel like home.

If you’re tired of renting, and you want to own a home in Colorado but your credit, lack of down payment, or income hold you back from qualifying for a normal bank loan… a “rent to own” or “lease to own” may be a great fit for you.

Our program is as easy as filling out our web form, having a quick phone conversation or face-to-face meeting with us, and then within a couple of days, you could be picking a home off the MLS or Zillow that you rent to own from us!

Hello Future Homeowner,

If you would like to buy a home, but can’t qualify for a conventional mortgage, you’ve come to the right place. We make owners out of renters because we believe that everyone has a right to own their own homes.

By using our special financing, you can buy a home from us. It does NOT matter if you have bad credit, bankruptcy, late payments, judgments, liens, tax problems, or charge-offs, you can still buy one of our homes. It doesn’t even matter if you have verifiable income.

Our program allows you to find a home that you want to rent from us initially, but may also like to buy in the next few years. We realize that there are many households who may be thinking about buying a home, but for whatever reason would like to rent at the current time. You can lease the home for one, five, ten years or more with the option to purchase the home at any time for a predetermined price.

Here at Real Home Solutions, we believe that real estate is not simply buying or selling a house; it’s a tool for creating wealth, freedom, and a legacy in your life. Get started on the path to homeownership by filling out the form at the top of the page today.

We Can Help

Are you dreaming of owning your home so that you can build equity for yourself instead of your landlord? Have you been denied a traditional mortgage due to:

  • Bad or No Credit
  • Self-Employed
  • Down Payment
  • Identity Theft
  • New Business or Career
  • Foreclosure
  • Divorce
  • Death in Family

We Can Do What Others Won’t

You have the opportunity to live in your home while you repair your credit or build the reported income you need to qualify for a loan. A traditional seller would never let you move in before the bank said yes – we do.

Our Lease Option Program is designed to help you purchase your own home that fits your needs and your financial situation to set you up for success. We will help you find the perfect home for you and your family. While you live there, our program helps you grow your down payment and correct your credit situation to help you qualify for the mortgage at the end of the term.

We’re Proud To Invest In Our Communities

A rent to own (or lease option) is a great way to get into a home when bank financing just won’t work.

The Denver market is a tough one for those dreaming of homeownership right now… In fact, it’s tough for those trying to rent.  With huge companies coming to the Denver Metro Area rents are rising and homeownership dreams are going “poof.”

Here at Real Home Solutions, our focus is simple. Find and purchase great houses in and around Colorado, fix them up, and offer them on a Rent-to-Own basis to help more people become homeowners when otherwise they couldn’t. In this crazy economy, we help stabilize neighborhoods all around Colorado by matching up properties with the people who will care for them as their own – even those who don’t necessarily qualify for a loan from banks.

We were frustrated by the sheer number of folks who want to buy, but can’t qualify for loans from banks. There are tons of great homes just sitting vacant! Sellers want to sell, and buyers want to buy… but no banks will help! So we decided to start Real Home Solutions to help ensure that homes in Colorado stay occupied – with people who will care for their community.

We want to make sure our community can grow and stay healthy. It takes innovative solutions to tough problems, but we love to help people reach their dreams. That’s what makes all the hard work worthwhile. We help sellers create lease option agreements with qualified tenants who aren’t ready for a traditional mortgage and we help families find great homes and condos that they can live in today and eventually buy down the road.

Buy A Home Without A Bank

We are looking for responsible renters that would rather own. We are looking for good people that have had bad things happen to them and those bad times have passed.

We help regular folks like you become homeowners because we believe in the American dream. We love helping our communities to grow and improve by empowering folks to accomplish something that they didn’t think was possible.

Nearly every one of our past buyers had been turned down again and again and again by banks and mortgage brokers… even banks that advertised “bad credit okay.”

We Make It Easy To Own A Home

Owning a home is truly the American Dream. We believe that you deserve to have a place that you can claim as your own and be a proud homeowner in Colorado.

Buying a home can be a difficult process, especially for those with poor credit, no credit, and/or a limited amount to invest. A Lease to Own option may be just for you! Based on your individual criteria, we can be very creative with financing and fit it to your needs.

We are not loan brokers, bankers, real estate agents, or selling homes for someone else, we are the owners or we have a legal equitable interest in the property.

Our Success Is Measured By Making A Difference In People’s Lives

Real Home Solutions offers great rent-to-own houses in and around Denver and surrounding areas… in conjunction with our help to get your credit score up so you can purchase the home in as short of a timeline as possible. There is nothing more rewarding than making the dream of homeownership come true. We are grateful to be able to offer homeownership programs to families.

We love it when people say things like:

We never thought we would EVER be able to actually buy a home for ourselves until we got into your program. Thank you so much for all you’ve done for us!”

“Finally, we are not throwing our money away on rent. You helped us to own our own home and it makes such a difference in our lives. We love the house and our neighbors.”

“We never could have done this without you! With our previous credit history and very little cash, we didn’t know we could become homeowners – but now our family has a beautiful home to call our own. Thank you so much!”

How Does A Rent To Own or Lease Option Work Anyway?

A rent-to-own or lease/option agreement might be right for you! It’s easier than you think – and we can help. The rent-to-own process is really pretty straightforward.

Step 1: Submit your info at the top of this page to create a FREE account and let us know the type of house you’re looking for.

Step 2: We’ll look at your situation, and the type of property you’re looking for, and show you your rent-to-own options here in Colorado.

Step 3: View the local Colorado homes that fit what you’re looking for.

Plus, as we acquire new properties each month, as long as you’re on our Rent To Own / Lease Option List, you’ll get email alerts with the latest properties available. Sounds simple, right? It truly is.

Buy Your Next Home “Rent To Own” Beautiful Homes Available Now

We acquire houses every month from homeowners who need to sell for one reason or another. Often times we remodel the homes to bring them up to date and up to insanely great shape for a new rent-to-own tenant/buyer like yourself to move into.

The types of houses we tend to offer on our Colorado Rent To Own Home Program include…

  • 2 bedroom – 4 bedroom homes
  • 1,400 – 2,500 square feet
  • Updated kitchens and bathrooms
  • Often times many upgrades
  • Sometimes a light fixer

Each rent-to-own house is different, so there’s definitely the perfect rent-to-own house out there for you. These are nice homes in nice areas with great neighborhoods and excellent schools. Many of our homes are less than 5 years old and in near-perfect condition. Only a few of them are fixer-upper bargains.

Many of these homes have beautiful new kitchens and master bathrooms, big master bedroom suites, and big fenced-in yards for the kids and your pets. Most of them have big 2-car garages and plenty of storage.

I’m going to show you the simple steps you can take to buy a home. These aren’t difficult steps… they don’t take a lot of your time and, in fact, they can be pretty exciting… especially when you start looking for your new home!

There is absolutely no charge for this service, we make our money on the sale of the property. There is also no obligation. If you like what you see, great, let us know and we’ll get you started and get you the list of properties we have available… if, on the other hand, you decide it’s not for you, that’s no problem… there are no hard feelings. It’s really pretty simple and straightforward.

Bad or NO Credit? We Have Owner-Financed Homes in Colorado

Even if you have BAD or NO CREDIT, good news for you! You’ve found the right place for a fantastic Colorado home.

We help regular folks like you become homeowners because we believe in the American dream. We love helping our communities to grow and improve by empowering folks to accomplish something that they didn’t think was possible.

Our success is measured by making a difference in people’s lives. If you’re looking to buy your first home or want to consider buying real estate as an investment, we can help. We often purchase homes using owner financing and can get you into a house you love without using a bank! No Credit Check – No Bank Qualifying!

We are constantly getting new homes in nearly every area. Click on the link below to get all the details you need to move into your new home in as little as 7 to 10 days. Contact our home-buying specialist at (720) 740-6610 for more information and a list of available properties.

We’re on a mission to create 10,000 new homeowners by the year 2030.