How Agents Can Help Turn Down Clients!

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We’re Turning Renters into Owners!

Although your clients may not be qualified for a traditional mortgage, they still have other alternatives to reach their goal of homeownership. Real Home Solutions provides a lease-option program for self-employed clients, who are new to the country or are experiencing temporary credit issues.

Rather than telling clients “good luck” and sending them on their way, refer them to us to be provided a mutually beneficial relationship! Add your information in the form below to become a referral partner today.

  • We work alongside your clients to provide them with the best possible solution for their budget. 
  • We have a proven track record and a 100% client satisfaction rate to date!
  • You get to know you are making a difference in someone’s life from a simple recommendation.
  • We accept applicants who have the income and cash needed for an FHA / VA mortgage but still can’t qualify because of a low FICO, divorce, medical bills, self-employment, prior bankruptcy, prior foreclosure, ITIN, or other factors that put a mortgage out of reach. 
  • The success of the clients ultimately drives our success. Therefore, we are there alongside them to ensure they achieve their goals.

1-Hour CE Course | “How Agents Can Increase Sales by Helping Unqualified Buyers Achieve Homeownership

We cover how (and why) lenders and agents help turn-down clients get into homes now using lease/options, and then loans in the future. Note: Investors will need loans now and tenant-buyers in the future. We will cover the different program options from all companies in the market – including our own.

This is a DORA-approved 1-hour CE course for Colorado real estate agents. (Lenders will benefit from learning and are welcome to co-host for their agent partners). Book a time for your team of Loan Officers and Real Estate Agents to learn more. Click Here to book a Zoom or In-Person presentation.

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Agents – Have a challenging listing? We can Help!

We will buy your client’s property for cash and you keep all the commissions. Call or Email us today & have a non-contingent cash offer within 24 hours. Many of the properties we buy come from Realtors who may have a client who has a problem property, or a situation requiring a fast, hassle-free, cash sale. If you have a problem property or a deal that just crashed we can help you close in as little as 7 days.

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